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“Youth Empowerment Solutions” by Zimmerman YES tries to stop childhood violence by having children be involved in the design of projects because kids will respond better to something designed by them. By empowering our youths, they will interact with positive role models and be better off at making good judgments and better decisions. The YES program is designed to be understood by multiple populations and it looks to positively affect many levels in Bronfenbrenner’s model of development. YES not only works with children, but adults also. YES helps train adults to help their kids and other kids stay positive and nonviolent.
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Unformatted text preview: “Extra Curricular Activities” by Eccles • There is an urge to get kids to spend their free time taking part in extra-cirricular after school activities rather than solitary activities such as watching TV • Team sports had positive correlations to graduation rate and GPA but also increased risk of risky behavior such as drinking. • Almost all after school activities had positive correlations to enjoyment of school for 10 th-12 th graders. • Specific programs affect youths in different ways so it is important to find out which after school program is right for which individual...
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