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exam practice questions 2 - core self stays the same This...

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1. Which of the following parenting styles is associated with the best psychological outcomes? a. Permissive b. Authoritative c. Authoritarian d. Neglectful Answer: B. Authoritative parenting shows the best psychological outcomes. Children raised by authoritative parents usually have good peer relationships, possess a high level of self-confidence, a high level of self-control, and show a higher level of academic achievement. 2. Bobby is 3 years old. For Halloween his mother dresses up like a witch. When Bobby sees this, he becomes scared of his mother. According to Piaget, what has Bobby not attained yet?
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Unformatted text preview: core self stays the same. This example of Bobby’s mother dressing up for Halloween highlights the change in external appearance, but because Bobby has not attained Identity constancy yet, he believes that his mother is now a witch. 3. Which of the following could not possibly be a reason for the success of students in the Harlem Children’s Zone? a. Larger class sizes b. Healthier food c. Paying students for attendance d. Longer school days Answer: A. Actually, the Harlem Children’s Zone has much smaller class sizes than the average American class room, and studies have shown that children actually perform better in smaller classes with more individualized attention....
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