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Far East East Asia Pacific Rim Prehistoric Archeology- From the actual time. But ironic because they cannot talk so we must project present day language and pov on them when talking about them. Since they cannot talk, we do not know for sure how they were looked upon at their original time they are from. Open for different interpretation but closed because they cannot talk. Present day view on artifact so we don’t know for sure what it meant to the people. “Account of the Eastern Barbarians” – Historic China Writing about Pre-historic Korea before Korea had writing. Only get the “history” of Korea through the Chinese POV, which can be bias. Chinese very comparative and judgemental of Koreans. EX: they have this but not this. They are like us but not like us. Tangun- Korean myth written by them about themselves. Discusses animals wanting to become humans. Deals with perserverence. More accurate than chinese pov. Shang Oracle Bones- Bones that were heated cracked and interpreted. Avaliable only to Kings/Diviners. Turtle shells. Cracks were interpreted by only Kings/Diviners. Used to interpret messages from nature/gods/weather. First form of writing Shang Bronze Vessels – Bronze used more for ritual than war. Sign of power because bronze was very expensive and it took a lot of human and natural resources to make. And you have to get people to build them for you. Reflects the social and political development. Sign of Kingship. Used for sacrifices Anyang – The most important city of the Shang Dynasty. Also the last city of the 5 cities of the Shang Dynasty. Large palaces and temples were constructed here. Sanxingdui – challenges archeologigsts view that the capital was at anyang because Zhou Bronze Vessels/Inscriptions – Vessels used by the king to communicate with the feudal lords. Directions on the procedure of what to do when you meet the king and future rituals/dedications. The Analects – Confucian philosophical reading on how to live the right way. Key concepts include respect for elders, filial piety even after death. Treating your parents with respect. Antiguity. Saying and doing the right thing because you actually believe in it. Consistency saying and doing the same thing no matter who is around. “Confucius” – Real name is Kongzi. Jesuit Missionaries make the Confucian way
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study guide 1 - Far East East Asia Pacific Rim Prehistoric...

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