advice paper - Justin Kucera Section 007 Dear Justin Im a...

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Justin Kucera Section 007 Dear Justin, I’m a Seychelle’s warbler. My daughter is all grown up, but she won’t leave home to start her own family. Why won’t she leave? ~ Worried in the Tropics This is a different problem then I am used to hearing. In humans, most mothers are very sad when their children leave home. Ironic that it’s called “empty nest syndrome”. As for you, you should not be worried. This is a very normal behavior for birds of your kind, along with many other animals. Your daughter is very smart, I’m sure and she knows exactly what she is doing. You see, unlike us humans, you cannot pass on your name to future generations because you don’t have names, but you still want to pass something on. The answer is genes. It is extremely important for you and your daughter to pass on your genes to the next generation. The reason your daughter is not leaving is because of one of two reasons. There either is not enough guys out there for her to mate with, or the benefits of staying with her lovely family is better for her reproductive success… for now. When the time is right, she will leave. But for now, it is better for her to stay. Many of your kind do not immediately leave home when they are first ready. Many
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advice paper - Justin Kucera Section 007 Dear Justin Im a...

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