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In order to distinguish between the two hypotheses you would need certain data. You would need data to distinguish the reason for the elaborate penis structure. You would need to find out on average how many males mate with the same female. If the number was high then you could conclude that it is probably to get other males sperm out of a female. On the other hand, if you could discover how females chose mates and could find out if penis structure had anything to do with it, that would also help. 2. Ejaculate compounds have evolved to hurt females in the sense that the compound evolves to help the male by keeping other males sperm out of the female. Because of the intense competition and sexual selection, males need to make sure they are the only one mating with a
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Unformatted text preview: female. A case in which the compound could evolve to help females would be if it were to happen in a monogamous species because there is very little competition for females from males. MAD : because both partners RS dependent on each other. Males and Females that do not cooperate will have no RS. Pop em Out : because it maximizes their RS. Monogamous couples will have greater RS. Short, multiple breeding seasons. Females are few and far between. Not worth their time to find another mate Danger : Because its too dangerous to find another mate. Individuals that dont leave to find another mate will survive to reproduce more than those that do. Sociopath : Because theyre aggressive toward everyone except their partner....
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