d13 - Unmarried men have a much higher murder rate than...

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Unformatted text preview: Unmarried men have a much higher murder rate than married men because of sexual selection. Because males invest less in parental care and because their reproductive success relies on the number of women they can mate it not only allows for “risky” behavior, but it actually encourages it. In the article, there is an example of men getting into fights simply to prove that they were right, and to look better to by-standards. This is important for men because women are the much choosier sex. They cannot afford to look weak compared to another male because then females will choose the other guy instead of them. Constantly competing for mates due to the high sexual selection encourages male-male competition which sometimes gets violent enough to murder. HLA is essentially a strand of some of your genes that have to do with the immune system. It helps the body reject certain things that shouldn’t be in your body. It helps fight diseases, and is very important. The main role of it is to reject “foreign” objects in your body. Small brings in the very important....
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