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English Essay 3 Final Draft - Cao 1 Anthony Cao Natalie...

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Cao 1 Anthony Cao Natalie Bakopoulos English 125, Section 059 30 November 2010 Google: A Friendly Giant with a Hint of Greed Imagine, for a second, an asteroid being sucked toward the Earth. You stare up at the sky, squinting to see something hurtling downward. It quickly transforms from a tiny, brilliant, speck into an enormous, unstoppable force. It crashes into the Earth, up-heaving everything in its path as its shockwaves resound throughout the world. This is Google. Larry Page and Sergey Brin once had a vision that one day people could open up the world's information unto itself, and were able to accomplish just that through their development of the world's most powerful search engine: Google. Amidst all of the technological innovation of the twentieth and twenty first century, Google has provided the most incredible innovation of all. After facing initial competition in the early stages from other search engines like Ask Jeeves, Google quickly became a powerhouse. It was the engine on which the internet would flourish into the unimaginably vast storehouse of information it is today. The success and presence of Google has certainly shaped a part of today's culture. With a seemingly limitless amount of information readily available at the click of the “search” button, Google has changed the world, whether for better or for worse. The multibillion dollar company began with Larry Page and Sergey Brin on the campus of Stanford University in 1995. They would later become close friends and begin working together on a new type of search engine, nicknamed BackRub. By 1997, they decided the search engine required a new name, and chose “Google”, which refers to a “play on the word 'googol,' a mathematical term for the number represented by the numeral 1 followed by 100 zeros. The use
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Cao 2 of the term reflects their mission to organize a seemingly infinite amount of information on the web” (Google Milestones 1). Then, after others began to see the potential success of Google, it grew exponentially. The small project quickly blossomed into an extremely profitable company over the course of a short 13 years, constantly adding new innovation and technology to its plethora of up-and-coming gadgets and applications (Google Milestones 2). Outside of providing the most relevant information on the internet through the most efficient means, Google has expanded its enterprise to include partnerships with and acquisitions of Yahoo!, Youtube, Doubleclick, Keyhole, Postini, and more. In conjunction with these expansions, Google has employed many more services and projects, including Gmail, Google Chat, Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Finance, Google Scholar (a resource I used to research, well, Google), Google Buzz, and Google Streetview (Google Milestones 2). Just about every application that could be used practically seems to have been developed or improved by Google. Although primarily known for continuing to be the most reliable and comprehensive
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English Essay 3 Final Draft - Cao 1 Anthony Cao Natalie...

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