English Essay 4 Final Draft

English Essay 4 Final Draft - Cao 1 Anthony Cao Natalie...

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Cao 1 Anthony Cao Natalie Bakopoulos English 125, Section 059 14 December 2010 Death through Guilt, Life through Absolution Guilt incapacitates even the most capable and strong-willed of individuals, because the very strength of such people is purposefully unleashed against themselves. Guilt can be encompassed by the notion of psychological warfare, in which the mind battles with itself. However, guilt's implosive effects can serve both liberating and self-deprecating purposes. These variations of guilt are seen separately and respectively in “My Body, My Weapon, My Shame” by Elwood Reid and “Morbidity and Mortality” by Pauline Chen. Ultimately, both authors suffer severely because of their guilt, but are able to resolve their psychological warfare through finding absolution. First, in Reid's “My Body, My Weapon, My Shame”, guilt manifests itself as a negative, but beneficial force. It attempts to mitigate the painfully overt disparities between his outward behavior and his internal thoughts. The nature of Reid's internal conflict can be broken down into an understanding based on
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English Essay 4 Final Draft - Cao 1 Anthony Cao Natalie...

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