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12th Night Acts 4 and 5

12th Night Acts 4 and 5 - ACT FOUR-Sebastian What do we...

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Announcements Paper Part Analysis Due Thursday on eLC by 3 p.m. Feb. 16 Due same day 5 p.m. hard copy Wednesday: brief quiz on Stern reading (Stern Actors Part) Venus and Adonis: read plus intro for Wednesday Group 4: lines 601-800 12 th Night - Messages and letters drive action of the play - Consider gentlemanly behavior and dress ACT THREE SCENE FOUR - “Some have greatness thrust upon them” o Sexual innuendos - Love rhetoric consists of repeating back words he has read in the letter o Malvolio wants to use this secret language they have together o Olivia, obviously, is clueless - Confusion of identity is heightened: o Boy actor – Viola- Cesario- mistaken for Sebastian (twin) Confusion of gender as well as class Viola is a lady, Cesario is a page o Sebastian- Cesario- Viola o Olivia and Viola are very close in name lettering Stand-ins for one another Is there really a difference for Orsino between Viola and Olivia? o Feste, Sir Toby, and Sir Andrew mistake Sebastian for Cesario
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Unformatted text preview: ACT FOUR-Sebastian? What do we think of him?-Why would Sir Andrew and Cesario look so much alike?-Olivia and Viola are easy substitutes for Orsino o But Cesario and Sebastian are easy substitutes for Olivia-Antonio does not get to be with Sebastian-Orsino and Viola, Olivia and Sebastian, and Toby and Maria. o The switches are okay because they are all of the same class Class confusion rectified Gender identity confusion rectified o Toby and Maria? Toby doesn’t have the money, even though he does have the class rank Maria would be rewarded with marriage because ACT FIVE SCENE ONE-Orsino and Viola get married off stage-Orsino makes Olivia’s marriage to Sebastian okay by saying his blood is okay-Never see Viola in her woman’s costume -How does Shakespeare postpone transformations back into who they are?-...
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