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Part Paper Analysis - Kayla Murphy Dr. Lenhardt English...

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Kayla Murphy Dr. Lenhardt English 4320 16 February 2012 The Difficulties of Being Phoebe The tangled relationships between Phoebe, Silvius and Ganymede from As You Like It create an acting role which would have been a serious challenge for an actor in Shakespeare’s time. Learning only his own parts, the actor was seriously disadvantaged by not knowing whom he was addressing. In Phoebe the actor’s case, there are inconsistencies in speech, tone, and mood which complicate the actor’s ability to give a decent performance of Phoebe as a character. Consider Act III Scene V. Phoebe-character and Phoebe-actor are introduced to Ganymede for the first time. Silvius and Ganymede have appeared on stage before, but Phoebe has only been referred to in the third person. The on-stage introduction of Phoebe-character to Silvius and Ganymede is the first opportunity that Phoebe-actor has to discern whom Phoebe-character will fall in love with. Later, on the day of the wedding in Act V Scene IV, Phoebe-actor cannot be certain of who Phoebe-character will wed until the moment when Ganymede reappears as Rosalind. This method of learning parts requires much more active participation from the actors. Actors must, at all times, be actively engaged in the performance. They necessarily must have practiced dozens of different performances and line deliveries to adequately prepare for any plot or mood development. Phoebe-actor is not completely clueless, however. From Phoebe-character’s parts in Act III Scene V, Phoebe-actor is able to discern certain key facts. Phoebe-actor can determine that Phoebe-character is rejecting the love of another character “Now I do frown on thee with all my heart, / And if mine eyes can wound, now let them kill thee” (III.v.15-16). Additionally, Phoebe- actor clearly can tell that Phoebe-character falls in love with another character towards the end of
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Part Paper Analysis - Kayla Murphy Dr. Lenhardt English...

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