Venus and Adonis

Venus and Adonis - o Line 451 trope his mouth a ruby...

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Venus and Adonis 2/17/12 - Stanza is made up of 6 lines o Quatrain and a couplet o ABABCC rhyme scheme o In iambic pentameter In some places there are 11 syllables instead of 10 Doesn’t necessarily mean it is not iambic pentameter May be a feminine ending (last syllable is not stressed) Stressed/unstressed/stressed/unstressed pattern Five pairs - Lines 1-200: o Main points of action: Venus running off with Adonis Trying to seduce him o Line 31-36: Venus puts Adonis under her arm o Line 67: Metaphor, how a bird lies tangled in the nest o Line 43: alliterations 8 lines 16-18, more ‘s’ alliteration o Romantic Comedy - Lines 201-400 o Main points of action Horse action Venus wooing Adonis o Lines 355-360, war of looks Adonis really wants to go hunting, which is why he’s upset with Venus o Trope: personification of horses (line 306) Horses in love, human emotions Petrarchan lovers - Lines 401-600 o Major plot points: When Venus attempts to woo him Venus plays dead, kisses Adonis, he can’t escape
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Unformatted text preview: o Line 451: trope, his mouth a ruby colored portal o Her parts individually would love him o Line 409 o Schemes: Line 457-460 epiphora o Personification: line 433-Lines 601-800 o Main actions: Venus thinks Adonis will die Prophesizes his death while he hunts the boar o Lines 765-798 o Metaphor 800 o Anaphora line 635 Alliteration 786-Lines 801-1000 o Main action: Sees the dogs, runs to the sounds, thinks Adonis is dead and she caused it with her prophesy o Favorite stanza: 871-876 o Trope: simile at 892-894 o Scheme: Alliteration 964 • Sighs, sought still • Repetition of s Anaphora 798-804 • Repeats love -Lines 1001- 1190 o Main Action Adonis actually dies Venus morning his death o Last stanza: weary of the world Silver doves taking Venus away o Trope, line 1165-1166 Simile or hyperbole Melts like a vapor and becomes a flower o Line 1141-1142 alliteration...
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Venus and Adonis - o Line 451 trope his mouth a ruby...

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