Costumes in Shakespeare

Costumes in Shakespeare - • Used make up to paint the...

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Costumes in Shakespeare 2/17/12 - How do we discern costumes from everyday clothing? o Sense of something being communicated to you - Costumes are visual cues o Tell you something about the character - Within plays: o Costumes and audience expectations They can indicate character archetypes (ACT Taming of the Shrew: Grumio for example) Metonymy o Universal symbols get across the idea of a character: crowns, jester hats, etc. o Also indicate gender since there were no female actors
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Unformatted text preview: • Used make up to paint the boys faces to get a more feminine look-Outside of the play o Early modern theatres used contemporary clothing for their costumes Allowed audience to connect to play (can relate to characters more) Costumes were also often donated to the theatre o Doubling: A change in costume would clearly indicate a change in character, even if the actor remained the same...
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