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Early Science Fiction Film

Early Science Fiction Film - -Scientists live in enclave...

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Mirroring the Present/Speculating About the Future: Early Science Fiction Film 1/13/12 - 1930s-1960s: development of creature features such as Frankenstein - Metropolis- high expressionsism - Intense amount of detail to design, cost $5 million to make (most expensive of all time) - 1930s: movies are still adapted from novels, but radio influences. Tried out as radio programs first, serialization - Things to Come: 1936, deals with inter-war years. Scifi is topical, discusses their own era
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Unformatted text preview: -Scientists live in enclave and emerges to save society, faith in science (warning about contemporary warfare)-Scifi dystopias- birth of dystopian genre-Try to imagine what society would look like, speculative fiction-Flash Gordon 1936: radio serials, gains popularity and film became serialized. Mash up serials...
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