Ancient Greek Art 3

Ancient Greek Art 3 - -27 BC Octavian takes the title...

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Ancient Greek Art 3 2/13/12 Portrait of Pompey, Mid 1 st century BC, marble - Rich, aristocratic, powerful man - Had a portrait made - Wrinkles in forehead o Of a certain age, weathered, experienced - Thick, slightly pudgy face - Bulbous nose - Hair styled in a certain way o Forms arch around head, poofs up in center Portrait of Alexander the Great Mount Vesuvius erupts near Pompeii. Froze people in time. Better understanding of what they were like. Plaster poured into crevices created shapes where human bodies once lay. Roman Domus - Atrium o Pool area - Impluvium o Office for owner - Tablinum o For owner and special guests - Peristyle o Type of garden - Evidence of these in Pompeii Roman art and architecture spread to their other provinces and territories and colonies. Events leading to the Roman Empire: - 44 BC: Julius Caesar killed - 42 BC Battle of Philippi - 31 BC Octavian defeates Antony and Cleopatra
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Unformatted text preview: -27 BC Octavian takes the title “Caesar Augustus” o Beginning of the Pax Romana Augustus of Primaporta, 20 BC, marble -Borrowed heavily from the Greeks-Unsure if it’s an original or a copy-Contropassta pose-Left arm was originally holding something-Right arm indicates he’s giving a speech (orator)-What other statue is quoted in this statue? o Doryphoros Augustus is based upon that statue Weight distribution and posture is the same-No shoes despite formal attire o No sandals because atheletes, gods, royalty, etc are depicted in the nude o Lack of sandals echoes that meaning-No signs of age in the face, idealized face. -Haircut is typical look of Augustus -Details on shirt. o Figure is holding cloth above his head. Ara Pacis, Rome 13-9 BC-...
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Ancient Greek Art 3 - -27 BC Octavian takes the title...

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