Ancient Greek Art 4

Ancient Greek Art 4 - o Barrel vault o Groin vault Pont du...

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Ancient Greek Art 4 2/15/12 Detail of the south frieze of the Ara Pacis, Rome, 13-9 B.C. marble - Recognizable figures to Roman aristocrats - Different then other reliefs because children are included o First of its kind o Child with mother and father, clinging to garment of father o Inclusion of family depictions conveys importance of family life in Roman society Augustus created paradigm that Romans could aspire to Morality for Romans to follow Wanted Romans to procreate and live with good families - Reliefs on side of Ara Pacis makes it significant - Romans used arches a lot for structural support - Blocks are chiseled down so they are slightly angular o Keystone supports entire structure o Pier is leg o Spandrel is space between arches - Vault: an arch extended over space which forms a ceiling or roof
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Unformatted text preview: o Barrel vault o Groin vault Pont du Gard, Nimes, France, 16 BC-Used for moving water about o Gravity allowed the water to move fairly naturally-Baths, acted as a hang out place-Stones can be up to two tons each o Arches allowed water to flow through as well as being structurally sound Nero:-Year 14 AD, Augustus dies-64 Fire in Rome-68 AD Nero dies-66-70 AD Jerusalem campaign (Vespasian and Titus) Colosseum -Seating area: cavea. o Tiered Different people sat in different sections o Reflected Roman hierarchies All viewing the same action, though, so bound together by common experience-Engaged columns. o Half columns o Do nothing structurally o Doric order or Tuscan order columns...
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Ancient Greek Art 4 - o Barrel vault o Groin vault Pont du...

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