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Survey - Math 17B Kouba Comprehensive Course Survey The...

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Unformatted text preview: Math 17B Kouba Comprehensive Course Survey The following survey is OPTIONAL. If you choose to fill it out honestly and completely, you will receive 5 extra credit points which will be added to the points for your final exam. This information will be kept strictly confidential and is being used solely as a means of making Math 17B a more effective class for future UC Davis students. » This survey is due IN CLASS (or under my office door at 3135 MSB) on (but NOT BEFORE) Monday, March 19, 2012. Thank you for your assistance in this matter. Your Name Your Exam ID # Your Major How many credits did you take during Winter Quarter 2012 ? Did you take calculus in high school ? What grade(s) did you get ? Did you take Math 17A? What grade did you get ? List your AP scores for calculus (If you took them.) AB BC What course grade do you expect to get in this class ? Do you plan to take Math 17C ? There were 26 lecture days this quarter. How many days did you NOT attend lecture ? There were 18 homework assignments this quarter. Homework solutions could be viewed on the internet. Did you use them often ? Did you find them helpful ? I did not collect homework from you Would you have preferred that homework be collected ? Why or why not? . .. " Did you study or do calculus homework regularly with students from this class ? “ from another claSs ? I \ If so, how many other students ? Do you prefer to study and learn calculus alone or in study groups ? What IS an AVERAGE amount of time you spent w0rking On a single homework assignment ? What is an AVERAGE amount of time you spent working on calculus each WEEK, not including classtime—— include homework time, office hours, study groups, time spent preparing for exams, etc. ? There were 10 discussion meetings with TA's. How many ,did you attend ? “ Were these discussions of value to you in learning calculus ? , How could discussion sessions be improved ? HOW often do you use a graphing calculator when dOing your calculus homework ? Often _Seldom_ ’ Almost never [[[[[ . . , Does the use of a calculator hinder or help you learn calculus 7 ‘ . 1 ' I What would have helped you do‘better in this class ? I What advice would you give to students taking Math 1713 for the first time, that would help them successfully complete the course ? ...
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