Lab _7 Respiration - Jason Kamin Bio 210-3 Lab#7...

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Jason Kamin Bio 210-3 6/4/08 Lab #7: Respiratory Physiology Introduction The purpose of this lab was to explore two aspects of respiratory physiology. We wanted to consider the volume of air moved in and out of the lungs under various conditions and the rate at which these volumes are moved. We assessed these conditions by measuring the tidal volume, maximum breathing volume and minute volume at different respiratory rates of a subject over the course of three experiments. With the results we were better able to understand the regulation of the vertebrate respiratory system. Results Please see attached Discussion 1. According to the data obtained from our graphs, there is a better correlation between people and weight using VC. The r 2 value for vital capacity was 0.81 while the r 2 value for tidal volume was 0.098. From the data males tend to have greater vital capacity and although athletic activity was not a factor here, those with greater athletic activity should have a greater vital capacity as well. 2.
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Lab _7 Respiration - Jason Kamin Bio 210-3 Lab#7...

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