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Lab 7 Resiratory Physiology

Lab 7 Resiratory Physiology - Lab 7 Respiratory Physiology...

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Lab 7: Respiratory Physiology Zachary Bergman Partner: Michael Roche TA: Sujit Jangam Bio 210-3 Introduction The goal of this experiment was to analyze two aspects of respiratory physiology. First we will analyze the volumes of air moved in and out of the lungs under various conditions and second the rates at which the volumes are moved. We will be using human subjects for this experiment because precise control needs to be used to accurately evaluate these two aspects. The analysis of these two aspects requires measuring the tidal volume, maximum breathing volume and minute volume of the subject when they are put through three different, often strenuous, situations. Analysis of a combination of these inputs helps us to better understand the vertebrate respiratory system and how it reacts to various situations. Data/Results Please see attached graphs and data table. Discussion 1. By comparing the graphs of tidal volume (TV) vs. vital capacity (VC), it is obvious that VC is more dependent on weight than TV. This can be seen by comparing the r
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