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Biochemistry 309, Winter 2010 20 points Quiz #11 NAME:_______________________________ TA:__________________ 1. Order the following molecules from most oxidized (#1) to most reduced (#4) form of carbon. (4 points) #2 CHOOH #4 CH 4 #1 CO 2 #3 CH 3 OH 2. Explain the difference between the standard free energy change ( G’˚) of a reaction and the actual free energy change ( G) of a reaction. (2 points) Standard free energy change is calculated when the reaction in carried out under standard conditions with equal concentrations of reactants and products. The actual free energy change is determined by the concentrations of reactants and products and can be different from the standard free energy change. 3. Describe two ways that would allow lysine (pKa = 10.5) to participate in general acid- base catalysis within an enzyme and why they have this effect. (2 points) In the active site of an enzyme, the ability to take on a proton could be reduced
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