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Biochemistry 309, Winter 2010 20 points Quiz #14 NAME:_______________________________ TA:__________________ 1. Below is a schematic of the F1F0 ATP synthase: Label the matrix and the intermembrane space. (1 point) Indicate how the F0 and the shaft will rotate when ATP is synthesized. (1 point) If the shaft is contacting the empty heterodimer, label the other two heterodimers in the top view above. (2 points) 2. How do uncoupling agents such as dinitrophenol affect electron transport? (2 points) Uncoupling agents such as DNP transport protons down their concentration gradient, allowing them to bypass the ATP synthase. Therefore, they allow electron transport and reduction of O2. How do such agents affect ATP synthesis? (2 points) Because they dissapate the proton gradient, they block ATP synthesis.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. You have a preparation of detergent-extracted mitochondria. Fractionation over an ion exchange column gives four fractions. You incubate each fraction with the following electron donors: NADH, Succinate, QH2 or reduced cytochrome C. You get the following results: Complex Normal electron acceptor (8 points) Fraction I: oxidizes Cytochrome c IV O 2 Fraction II: oxidizes Succinate II Q Fraction III: oxidizes NADH I Q Fraction IV: oxidizes QH2 III Cytochrome c To which complex (I-IV) in the electron transport chain does each fraction correspond and what is its electron acceptor in the chain? 4. What is the product of β-oxidation of fatty acids? (2 points) Acetyl CoA 5. What is the building block for fatty acid biosynthesis? (2 points) Acetyl CoA (or malonyl-CoA)...
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