Assignment 5 - Zarzenczy et al. 1) (2 pts) Briefly outline...

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Zarzenczy et al. 1) (2 pts) Briefly outline two arguments why tissue donors for iPS research should have extended say (that is have a chance to review and approve of) in how their donation and cells derived from their donated cells should be used in the future. Also outline two arguments why tissues donors should have very limited say in how their cells after making the donation. The future of tissues donated to assist in iPS type research and its subsequent uses is quite unknown, but there are a large number of possibilities that could be affected by the donor’s ability to have extended say in their uses. There are multiple arguments in favor of giving donor’s extended say which include the use of their tissue and cell line to conduct research they may find objectionable (e.g., human-animal chimeras or creation of human gametes and subsequent fertilization) and a possible future need to contact the donors about their cell line and their on-going health status. Also, many argue that by granting donors an extended say on the rights of their tissues this could encourage an increase in those willing to donate. On the other side of the argument scientists are worried that withdrawal of consent from donors in the future could greatly hinder important research and the process could already be past of point of “meaningful withdrawal of consent”. Another argument against is that although the
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Assignment 5 - Zarzenczy et al. 1) (2 pts) Briefly outline...

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