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Freshman Seminar Topic: AIDS in Africa Outline of Presentation Brief Introduction to AIDS (PowerPoint) - Introduce disease, including symptoms, effects, and modes of contraction - Overview of where AIDS is most prevalent, who it affects most, how they cope Topic #1: Medical Situation -How many dying -Treatments available -Methods of prevention -Living condition -Brief discussion Topic #2: Sociological Implications -How lives have changed -Government actions -Grassroots actions -Modification of previously held customs Interactive Class Activity Topic #3: Economic Aspects / World Reaction
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Unformatted text preview: -Impact on African economy--UN reaction to crisis-/--Non-profit aid from individual movements AIDS Video Concluding Remarks Reference List for Class: Before coming to class, browse through following sites: AIDS / HIV inline=nyt-classifier Death Stalks a Continent Medicine without Doctors AIDS reshaping religious views in Africa
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aid_presentation_outline_011706 - -Impact on African...

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