critique on phrenology

critique on phrenology - The topic is a perfect...

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Blake Yocom Freshman Seminar Professor Goldberg 16 February 2006 Phrenology Critique The presentation over phrenology was unique and was a perfect example of pseudoscience. Phrenology is a topic I had never studied before which made for an interesting presentation. It can be thought as the study of the mind where phrenologists look for personality traits based on the shape of the head. This is done by feeling for head bumps similar to reiki. The head is thought to have different pressure points with corresponding features of personality. Due to the face that no scientific basis rests with this topic, it is undoubtedly a pseudoscience. According to the presenters, there are four main personality types. This was an interesting notion unknown to me prior to this presentation. Also, this method of bumpology was appreciated by Hitler and his studies during and prior to World War II. Hitler is documented to have measured skulls to determine the quality of people.
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Unformatted text preview: The topic is a perfect representation of pseudoscience but questions are raised with the presentation. Firstly, I question the use of the video clip from “Grey’s Anatomy.” I feel as though it was used simply because it is a popular show and had no relevance to the topic at hand. Also, the ten minutes spent on the picture with continue to perplex me. The presenters were not confident in their understanding of this concept and thus were unable to convey the message to their audience. Aside from a few technicalities, their presentation was both educational and entertaining. It was beneficial for them to relate phrenology to current medical research. For example, parts of the brain due in fact control certain actions of the body. Perhaps phrenology was a precursor to this understanding. All in all, they did an adequate job in their presentation with my education as a testament....
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critique on phrenology - The topic is a perfect...

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