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Marijuana Critique - I was able to grasp these concepts due...

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Blake Yocom Freshman Seminar Professor Goldberg 28 February 2006 Medicinal Marijuana Critique The interest in this topic was clearly the greatest of any presentations thus far. For some odd reason, college students have something to say when it comes to marijuana. Their presentation kept me alert and intrigued throughout its entirety. The question of legalizing marijuana is hotly contested and rightfully so. They did a fine job presenting some science behind marijuana that allowed for a higher level of discussion to follow. Marijuana’s effects are not pseudoscience. There are clear consequences, viewed both as positive and negative, that occur due to smoking.
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Unformatted text preview: I was able to grasp these concepts due to the detailed slides presented. Also, the economic rationale behind marijuana legalization was very well articulated and organized. Not necessarily science or pseudoscience, but it surely added to wealth of knowledge. In the end, I was somewhat confused on the thesis of the presentation. Were the presenters advocating legalization, criminalization, or simply presenting the facts with some bias? All in all, thorough presentation that led to the most spirited discussion thus far. An outline was lacking but organization was not....
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