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presentation notes - Obesity is obviously a problem for the...

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Obesity is obviously a problem for the damage it does your health, life expectancy, and quality of life. As long as the majority of society is of normal weight, there will continue to be stereotypes against the overweight. Overweight people have been perceived be not as capable as other people, when this is very untrue. The prejudice that overweight and obese people are subject to will always be hurtful to self-confidence and detrimental in the workplace. You can see here all the diseases and disorders that have been scientifically proven to be caused by obesity. As you can see in this graph the morbidly obese, the dark blue line, have a tremendous increase in risk for each of the cancers. And for almost every form of cancer, as weight increases so does the percent risk. The reasons for slimming down are obvious considering the onslaught of potential health problems. For the government also it is more beneficial to have a population of normal weight. More is produced, deaths are prevented, and health care money is saved. Surprisingly, in many cultures, being overweight is preferred by the individual and their society. In many cultures, being obesity is traditionally seen as a sign of wealth/beauty/power/social status. In Africa, being overweight is a sign that someone has not contracted the AIDS virus due to the loss of weight that you experiences once contracting the virus. By losing weight or being too skinny, society may think that you have contracted the virus. Middle Eastern governments are not as worried as and more apathetic than many countries despite the extremely high prevalence of obesity in their countries. This is because they are honored to have first-world diseases. Skeptics may say that we are overreacting. By rechuging the numbers, they have found that maybe being a little overweight is healthier, or that it doesn’t cause as many deaths, but the fact of the matter is that obesity is spreading and only becoming more common. The bulk of the people that need a solution are the obese and morbidly obese who are suffering from severe health problems. Something needs to happen to change this. My proposed solution is a massive refocus both internationally and locally through an appropriate clinical response, better education, and food regulation Obesity surgery has increased 64% in 2003. General Benefits of Obesity Surgery
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presentation notes - Obesity is obviously a problem for the...

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