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Yocom Blake Yocom Freshman Seminar Professor Goldberg 12 January 2006 Pseudoscience: From Cryptozoology to Intelligent Design Pseudoscience In today’s world, pseudoscience can be found in nearly every realm of society. Under many circumstances and in many places, followers may not even realize their beliefs are in fact deemed pseudoscience. The necessary question to ponder is whether the information one reads, hears, and sees, is science or pseudoscience. The very word is usually presented in a negative light because an inherent wrongdoing is implied. Pseudoscience is essentially something masked as science but this does not disqualify it from having an astound body of knowledge, research, and believers. Perhaps an accurate comparison would be to religion, for it is true, that pseudoscience is prone to be inspired by “ideological, cultural, or commercial goals (Lower).” In both religion and this warped science, there are many books written on the subject, a devout congregation, and people who profit from it, whether it be in the form of money or political gain. Moreover, the difficulty with combating pseudoscience is that its major ideas and convictions are not easily found to be erroneous. For example, it is impossible to scientifically prove that Sasquatch does not exist or that a divine power had no role to play in the evolution of mankind. The scientific community must approach pseudoscience with hesitation but also with consideration. Throughout history, new discoveries were viciously attacked and labeled 1
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Yocom pseudoscience. This can be found as far back as Galileo with his heliocentric theory to as recent as the embryonic stem cell controversy. Although these examples may not fit the current definition of the term, within their time and place, pseudoscience was inferred. People throughout history are rash and sometimes jump to conclusions. Differentiating between hard science and the potentially harmful pseudoscience is straightforward. Scientific fact constantly undergoes experimentation among the scientific community and is expected to stand on its own. Through the process of the scientific method, scientific laws are established and upheld. The concrete evidence that exists among science is lacking in the arena of pseudoscience. It is comprised of multiple unproven theories with little or no basis. Pseudoscience does not subject itself to peer review, experimentation, or verification. The term “pseudo” says enough, in and of itself, meaning “false or counterfeit, fake (Lower).” Cryptozoology Pseudoscience covers a wide array of theories that fit the definition. Perhaps one of the most well known is Cryptozoology, which is the “scientific study of hidden animals
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Pseudoscience Paper 1 - Yocom 1 Blake Yocom Freshman...

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