THE USE OF STEROIDS outline - than 150 interviews and the...

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THE USE OF STEROIDS 1/26/06 I. Introduction II. History of Steroids A. Focus on Major League Baseball B. Examine History of Baseball’s Policy III. How do they work? A. Types B. Effects (Positive and Negative) IV. Science or Pseudoscience A. Physical Evidence B. Psychological…Placebo Effect? Do they Actually Work? V. Motivation for Use A. Money, etc. VI. Impact on Sports A. Records, etc. VII. Impact on Society A. State of the Union Address B. Congressional Hearings (Slippery Slope) VIII. Enablers/Solution A. Team Owners, Baseball Executives and Baseball Governors B. A Universal Law? Evaluate Current System IX. Conclusion References 1. =1 This ESPN The Magazine investigation of steroid use spanned six months and comprised more
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Unformatted text preview: than 150 interviews and the examination of hundreds of pages of documents. 2. Provides transcripts of the hearings before Congress’ Committee for Government Reform on March 17, 2005. Featured transcripts include those of leading medical experts, baseball players, congressional representatives and the game’s commissioner. Freshman Seminar: Science, Pseudoscience, & Scientific Hoaxes 3. The science behind steroids 4. Effects of steroids 5. %20impact%20of%20Athletes%20using%20%20steroids%20%20on%20our%20society.htm Impact on Society...
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THE USE OF STEROIDS outline - than 150 interviews and the...

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