tuberculosis critique

tuberculosis critique - were in fact cured or prevented...

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Blake Yocom Freshman Seminar Professor Goldberg 2 March 2006 Tuberculosis Critique I left this presentation thinking I was very grateful for learning about the tuberculosis pandemic. If this topic was not covered, I may have went even longer without realizing how widespread tuberculosis is and how little attention it receives. I was astonished by the fact that 1 in 3 people in the world have been infected with tuberculosis. This statistic should raise a red flag to all health organizations around the globe. On the contrary, this problem is being overshadowed by AIDS and other serious diseases. Peter and Michael spent quite a bit of time on how AIDS research and prevention receives much more funding and attention. Although the level of attention directed towards AIDS can be hotly debated, I feel tuberculosis is not the foot to stand on. For instance, if AIDS
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Unformatted text preview: were in fact cured or prevented, tuberculosis would most certainly decrease because some 80% of AIDS patients contract tuberculosis. This issue will continue to be debated because money is the source of the problem. Another weakness with this argument is the ability to easily cure tuberculosis with antibiotics, etc. This seems to be more of a resource allocation problem versus scientific research aiming to find a cure such as AIDS. They did an excellent job with including helpful graphs and diagrams on their slides. Also, their presentation skills were advanced proven by their effective reading of slides. They simply did not read off slides which let the audience know they knew their topic and were passionate about it. All in all, I am grateful for grasping the intensity of this problem and appreciate Peter and Michael for picking this topic....
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tuberculosis critique - were in fact cured or prevented...

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