UFO critique - To speculate may advance some principle or...

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Blake Yocom Freshman Seminar Professor Goldberg 21 February 2006 Presentation Critique When one thinks of pseudoscience, UFOs and extraterrestrial life immediately comes to mind. Over decades people have been fascinated with the idea of life beyond Earth. This group did a good job grabbing my attention in the opening slides of their presentation. I enjoyed the history of UFO sightings as I did not realize they only went back to the 1940s. The correlation between weather balloons and sightings was also of interest. Although they enticed me in the beginning, my interest soon turned to skepticism. They repeatedly described what these “aliens” would probably look like. This, in and of itself, is pseudoscience. There is absolutely no scientific basis for any physical features aliens may or may not have. Moreover, the constant theme was implying probable locations and characteristics.
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Unformatted text preview: To speculate may advance some principle or opinion, but it was not clear to what this was. The topic was sufficient but the approach could have used some tweaking. Perhaps a better approach would be to include some physical evidence that suggests extraterrestrial life. One last flaw before I turn to the overriding positive attributes of their presentation was a striking contradiction. They mentioned that these theories do not receive support from legitimate astronomers but later gave an example of an astronomer devoting his life to research the field. Regardless of their approach, the material was interesting and sound. Their ability to grasp the audience, especially with a clip from Men in Black, was noticed and appreciated. After their presentation, I lend more respect to believers in UFOs and extraterrestrial life but still consider them myself to be simply pseudoscience....
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UFO critique - To speculate may advance some principle or...

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