Exam #3 Potential Questions [FA 2010] (1)

Exam #3 Potential Questions [FA 2010] (1) - Sport Finance...

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Exam # 3 Potential Questions Note. Any information discussed in class, the readings, seen in videos, or posted to the website could be a potential test question. Public Subsidy Justifications 1. Define subsidy. a. A grant or monetary gift by a private person or entity to another private person or entity, as financial assistance or to help launch an enterprise 2. What are some of the financial challenges that loom for facility construction? a. Poor economic conditions, declining ratings, saturation, economic disconnect, expensive, who pays/benefits? 3. Explain the justifications for public stadium subsidies (this question could be phrased several different ways; for example, in terms of economic impact). a. The giving of public subsidies expedites construction and construction creates jobs, and brings outside money into the city. Used for different events other than primary sport 4. Explain community visibility and provide examples of the various types? What does visibility do for a community? a. Creates identity – personal connection and emotional involvement that consumers have with a team, region, or place b. Recruitment – companies may be swayed one way over another because of the type of identity c. Visibility – show areas of the city d. Increased awareness e. Image – the way others view you 5. Describe how events or facilities can increase the community visibility – though what mechanisms? 6. What is the difference between community image and community visibility? a. Image is how others view you. Organization creates their own image b. Visibility is how your city or organization is displayed to the public 7. What is place marketing? a. Striving to sell the image of an area to make it more attractive for businesses 8. We discussed several components of development in this chapter, define and describe them and provide an example of each. a. Cumulative attraction i. Stadium is the economic engine that drives economic activity ii. Visitors use transportation to reach the destination iii. People spend money and stay several days b. Integrated, coherent, master plan i. Building is not seen as the catalyst ii. Building is constructed in area called sea of commerce iii. Do this by funneling fans through downtown area c. Proximate Development i. Takes rundown and makes it downtown ii. Revolves around facility d. Complementary development i. Facility constructed as part of mega event ii. Upgrading of businesses e. General development
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Exam #3 Potential Questions [FA 2010] (1) - Sport Finance...

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