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One on One Sales Call: Customer Handout Bryan Saul Product Summary: The product I will be trying to sell you is AT&T Wireless service plans. AT&T Wireless is the largest cell-phone service provider in the United States and provides customers with top of the line 3G-phone service and data packages. In addition, AT&T can offer customers top of the line cell phone devices. About the Buyer: Mr. Jones is the father of two children and is currently married to his wife Mrs. Jones. Like stated, Mr. Jones has two children, a son who is 14 and a daughter who is 9. Mr. Jones and Mrs. Jones both currently have separate cell phones with cell phone plans through T-Mobile and are both looking to switch to AT&T. At the time of the switch, Mr. Jones plans to put both him and his wife on a family plan, and plans to add a line for his 14 year-old son. Needs: Mr. Jones has two main needs that need to be satisfied. First, he wants to eliminate
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Unformatted text preview: dropped calls, which he has been experiencing with T-Mobile. Second, he needs to put himself, his wife, and his son all on one family plan at an affordable price. Customers Intrests: Mr. Jones is an avid sports fan and loves movies and music as well. Hot Buttons: Hot buttons are price, coverage, and variety of devices available for purchase. Common Objections: 1) Why should I pay more for AT&T? 2) Why do other companys television commercials directly state that their coverage is better than AT&Ts? 3) Why should I get AT&T service if AT&T does not yet have 4G service? Value Analysis: Although AT&Ts price is higher than that of T-Mobile and Sprint and slightly more expensive than Verizon, AT&T can offer something that none of them can. AT&T is the only company that provides rollover minutes, which in the long run, will save the customer a lot of money....
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