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test 3 short answer - The following questions relate to the...

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Unformatted text preview: The following questions relate to the article: How Closing Signals Can Help You Close More Sales. Define what the author means by using the CHEF method for understanding closing signals. (4 pts) C stands for chin or cheek o If he gently strokes his chin or cheek, he is sending a signal of gratification or satisfaction. H stands for hands o If he has his hands open up, especially skyward, it is a positive closing signal o If he rubs his hands, is a sign that he is already assuming the ownership of what you are selling E is for eyes o If the pupils dilate or if a twinkle in the eye appears, its basically him saying, I like the idea F stands for friendly o If the customer starts kidding around, then you have broken the ice The following questions relate to the article: Excellence at the Cutting Edge of Sales Management. The author stated an excellent sales manager understands, cares, teaches, and inspires. What specifically does the excellent manager do in each of these areas? State two things for each area. Understands... (2 pts) o Understand the product are not an expert but know enough to answer questions o Understand the industry they understand how their company fits into the industry in which they participate o Understand competitors o Understands the team o Understands the company o Understands the process o Understands how to balance conflicting interests Cares about... (2 pts) o Cares about subordinates caring is different than understanding; caring shows more o Cares about clients the absence of this is apparent and this makes it very important o Cares about the unit o Cares about results achievement attached to their assigned performance goals Teaches best by... (2 pts) o Teach best by focusing on the average they focus on the middle 33% of their sales force o Teach regularly some teach each week, have a regular chalk-talk schedule o Teaching takes time about 25-33% of a sales managers day should be spend teaching Inspires by... (2 pts) o Inspire by setting high standards cognitive conviction allows manager to speak with confidence about why the high performance goal can be reached o Inspire by breaking down the barriers sales reps like a boss who can get things done o Inspire by communicating well and often o Inspire by treating people differently but fairly o Inspire by leading by example This question is based on the article: Follow Up Referrals 101. List three of the six steps and give an example of how you would apply them to your product or service. (6pts) Treat asking for referrals with reverence I have an important question to ask you. This will get their attention and show them this is important Ask for your clients help I would tell them that I value their help and ask if they can help me Explain the process I will explain that I will call the referred client and simply explain how I came to get their information and simply explain what I can offer. I explain how I came to get their information and simply explain what I can offer....
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test 3 short answer - The following questions relate to the...

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