Group03-HW2 - FIN 4243 Debt and Money Markets B Scheick...

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FIN 4243 – Debt and Money Markets – B. Scheick Homework Assignment 2 – Question 4 (Bloomberg) This is a group assignment . You should submit a copy of your solution electronically. Marks will be given for accuracy of answers as well as clarity of descriptions. The file submitted should be named “GroupXX-HW2Q4.doc”, with no spaces, and your group number (01, 02, etc.) in place of the XX. The homework assignment is due on Thursday, April 14, 2011 by 11:59 PM. Date and Time of your recording session _____Tuesday April 12, 2011 9PM Date and You will find the Bloomberg terminal on the third floor of Smathers Library West. It is located behind the research assistance desk on the right hand side (Note: the computer terminal will have Bloomberg instructions beside it). You can reserve terminal time in advance. See the schedule adjacent to the terminal, or speak to staff at the desk. To start you will need to: 1. Go to the reference desk and obtain login assistance for Bloomberg. 2. Once a staff member has logged you into the terminal, you will need to log onto the desktop using your Gatorlink username and password. 3. Double-click the Bloomberg icon on the left hand side of the screen. 4. Hit the Red <DEFAULT> key on the keeper to proceed to the Bloomberg login screen. 5. Log in to Bloomberg using the Username and Password taped to the monitor. Some Bloomberg guides to remember: The red Cancel key always starts Bloomberg over for you. At any point in the Bloomberg system, you probably can find explanations and/or definitions of terms by going to Bloomberg University , BU <Go>. Note that Bloomberg gives you two screens. Since you must start over after using Bloomberg University, a good strategy may be to use one for Bloomberg University and the other for your search activity. To get help on a topic type a key word, then <help>. For example: CMBS <help>. The yellow Sector keys put you in a particular financial sector. You use these regularly. Each sector has two sets of menus. One is for general inquiries and appears when you type the sector key. The other only appears after you have pre- specified a particular security. There are two basic ways of entering a command.
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Group03-HW2 - FIN 4243 Debt and Money Markets B Scheick...

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