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Risk Management Exercise - Name: Bryan Saul – 0592-1297 Choose a sport/recreation-related location (athletic facility, fitness center, playground, park, swimming pool, or other sport/recreation-based facility) to conduct your risk survey. Inspect the area(s) and find two potential risks/hazards. Assuming you are the on-site manager, fill out the form below using your knowledge of legal concepts and the risk management process. Take at least one photograph of each potential hazard/risk and submit them (hard copy) with this completed form on 10/11. Come prepared to discuss. (25 possible pts) Risk Survey Location: Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity Basketball Court I. FIRST HAZARD A. Risk Identification 1. Describe the hazard: The Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity Basketball court is situation behind the fraternity house on the University of Florida’s Fraternity Row. The fraternity house’s backyard is noticeably untamed, and contained several areas of solely dirt and sand, many of which are located directly next to the court. Due to the proximity of these dirt/sand areas, the sand is often dragged onto the court, heavily covering some areas, and creating a thin layer of sand over the entire court. This layer of sand causes the court to be extremely slippery, which could ultimately result in injuries to those utilizing the court. 2. Describe the type of injury that could result: Most obviously, the dirt/sand on the court could cause a slip and fall, which could result in scratches, cuts, lacerations, etc. To a more significant extent, the sand could cause people to roll/break ankles, or break other bones as a result of slipping. Players could also suffer head injuries, if, due to a fall, they hit their head on the concrete. In addition, the person who slips/slides on the sand could unintentionally injure somebody else utilizing the court. 3. Describe the type of lawsuit that could result: Most likely, the lawsuits resulting from this hazard would be due to negligence; specifically that of unintentional negligence. The Zeta Beta Tau fraternity has no intent to harm or commit the act, but is failing to exercise reasonable care. The fraternity, by having the basketball court, has a duty to provide safe conditions, and by not cleaning nor warning those using the court, they have breached this duty. 4. Identify specifically what could be utilized to help demonstrate the standard of care in such a case? Attach (1-2 pgs, not from either textbook) documentation that would support your answer. Primarily, one would seek to use precedents to establish their case. They could look for previous cases that deal with the similar circumstances. If they cannot find one that deals with sport, they could seek to establish their case by showing previous results from other slip-and-fall cases. In addition, they could use the ACSM standards and guidelines to show that they did uphold their standard of care. B. Risk Classification:
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Risk Management Exercise - Page Risk Management Exercise -...

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