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Bryan Saul 0592-1297 1. Florida statute law states that a person who uses or attempts to use an AED on a victim of a perceived medical emergency, is immune from civil liability for harm resulting from use of the AED. In addition, any person who acquired the AED and makes it available for use on a victim of a perceived medical emergency is immune from civil liability as long as the harm was not due to a failure to maintain the device, and provide proper training in the use of the device to an employee or agent of the acquirer. Training is not required if the device is equipped with audible, visual, or written instructions on its use, or the employee was not one that would be reasonably expected to use the device. 4. Although having AED’s present at every facility is not required, it is strongly encouraged. Participation in sport, whether actively participating or spectating, increases the likelihood of sudden cardiac arrest. To tailor a plan to meet the needs of a facility’s
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