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Bryan Saul 0592-1297 Podcast Questions 1. Rationale: Explain why there should be limited liability for after hours use of school property for recreation. Research suggests that obesity has become a major problem in the United States. One way to help reduce this would be to allow the public to utilize public schools’ facilities during after school hours for recreational activities. By applying the Recreational User Statutes of individual states, public schools should have limited liability in regards to injuries that occur while using the facilities, as long as the facility is being used for recreational activities and not organized sport. In the past decade, schools allowing their facilities to be used after hours has remained nearly unchanged, but allowed people to use these facilities could benefit the health of our society. 2. Coverage: What specific types of activities would you want to have covered and why? Why is it important to offer liability protection for these types of
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Unformatted text preview: activities? Most injuries that occur within the sport world are due to negligence, and for this reason, activities that can result in injury due to negligence should be covered. Like stated in the Recreational User Statute, a facility is not liable for injuries suffered, as long as the facility owner does not receive compensation for its use. Also, they must warn the user of any issues, such as a trap on hunting grounds. Offering limited liability for these activities will entice more schools to open their facilities to the public. 3. What other types of public commercial recreational activities and programs do you believe should be offered protection from liability? Why? Public pools should be offered some limited liability regarding possible lawsuits, such as with a slip and fall. A slip and fall, I believe is a risk associated with being at a pool, and a public pool should not be liable due to assumption of risk....
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