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GUIDING SHEET FOR EXAM - Midterm Exam The midterm will...

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Midterm Exam : The midterm will cover all of the lecture, discussion, and written material from the first half of the course (8/18-9/8). It will include 20 multiple-choice questions, 10 fill-in-the-blank questions, and 5 short answer questions (requiring 2-3 sentences in response). The first group of 20 questions will be worth ½ point each and the second group of 15 questions will be worth 1 point each (totaling 25 points). Lectures so far Readings you should focus on … Course Intro Hill Locke Reform and Revolution Winstanley Kant Political Absolutism Montaigne Sieyes Enlightenment Descartes Burke French Revolution 1 Bossuet Rousseau French Revolution 2 Hobbes Wollstonecraft Religion and Alternatives Hampson Olympe de Gouges Guiding Questions for 9/6-9/8 Lecture 1: What is commonly understood as the “reign of terror”? What led to this situation? Explain the events surrounding the flight to Varennes. What did the 1791 Constitution break up the government? What were the major “parties” or “societies” in the second half of the French
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