Guiding Questions for Quiz II (pt 2)

Guiding Questions for Quiz II (pt 2) - to the sexes for him...

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Guiding Questions for Quiz #2 As you know the quiz this Thursday will only be on the reading from Wollstonecraft (Tues and Thurs) and the Olympe de Gouges that you read for Tuesday. Though the other brophy readings (“Emile”) and the Schleiermacher are not on the quiz, they will be on the midterm exam and we will discuss them in class. (A note on the Wollstonecraft: pay close attention to the quotation marks [‘…’] so as to distinguish between the author’s words and her citation of Rousseau) Questions for Wollstonecraft pp. 156-173 1. What is the basis of Rousseau’s argument as cited by Wollstonecraft? What is “natural”
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Unformatted text preview: to the sexes for him? 2. Why, according to Wollstonecraft is the life of women “in perpetual conflict”? 3. What does the author argue are the true consequences of Rousseau’s program for women? How does his program inevitably fail to produce its desired end of “chaste wives and sensible mothers”? 4. What does Rousseau conclude about religious belief? What are some of the ways in which Wollstonecraft suggest that Rousseau is himself impious?...
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