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Guiding Questions for Mary Wollstonecraft Pages 3-14, 74-95 The Wollstonecraft reading for this week spans selections from two different documents, A Vindication of the Rights of Men (1790) and A Vindication of the Rights of Woman (1792), with distinct purposes. The first is a response to Edmund Burke’s Reflections on the Revolution – initiated, Wollstonecraft explains, by her “indignation” with Burke’s “sophistical arguments.” The response is admittedly difficult and, though it gets a bit easier after the author quits “the flowers of rhetoric” on page 7, it nevertheless merits a close read . The second text is more accessible, and relates Wollstonecraft’s philosophy of the “manly virtues” and her concerns about the education of women. Enjoy! 1. What, according to Wollstonecraft, is Burke’s “argument”? What are its consequences? Why is Burke hypocritical? 2. Is Wollstonecraft religious? What role does God play in her argument? 3. What, in Wollstonecraft’s understanding, constitutes virtue? Give a few examples of
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