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Paper Assignment HIST E102:801 European Civilization II Assignment : Choose Mary Wollstonecraft, Karl Marx, or Max Weber as your central focus. Construct an argument which responds to the work of your chosen figure in the following way: (1) What historical event(s) or figure(s) was this person reacting to? How did this reaction color their work? (2) How did this figure understand the historical progress of “European Civilization”? Were the traditions of this civilization a good thing? If not, by what mechanism should they be changed? Rules: Between 3 and 4 pages (not 2.5 pages), double spaced, 1-inch margins, TNR font. Include bibliography and citations in accord with Chicago or MLA style. Pointers : A. In order for your analysis to be compelling it will, of course, be necessary for you to briefly (in a paragraph or two) characterize the argument of your chosen author. B. Your are to use these authors as primary, not secondary, sources . That is, you are to assume that their writings are representative of their own historical context in
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