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Final Exam : The final will cover all of the lecture, discussion, and written material from the second half of the course (9/13-10/6). It will include 20 multiple-choice questions, 5 fill-in-the-blank questions, 5 short answer questions, and 3 essay questions of which you must pick two to answer (requiring 1-1.5 pages in response). The first group of 20 questions will be worth 1/2 point each, the second group (fill in the blank and short answer) 1 point each, and the essays will be worth 5 points each. Note that some of the material from the reading is not included below. This means that it will not be on the exam. Everything mentioned below will be on the exam. Note that some of the lecture subjects overlap. Lectures so far Readings you should focus on … Nationalism Beauvoir Levi Industrialism Barbusse Marx World War I (before, during, after) Darwin Morel World War II (before, during) Drumont Mussolini Holocaust and Anti-Semitism Galton Nietzsche Assimilation and Enlightenment Aims
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