3-24-08 - 3/24/08 Lecture o Temperature of hypothalamus...

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3/24/08 Lecture o Temperature of hypothalamus regulates body temperature o Parts of immune system (macrophages)- phagocytosis bacteria killing bacteria and isolates antigen components which attracts other aspects of immune system (pyrogens?) o Aspirin prostaglandin inhibitor o Smaller organism- larger the metabolic rate o Slow down metabolism- daily torper? Lowering temperature, lowering metabolic rate- less energy o Internal sensors- blood pressure, pH, salt o Sensors change information into action potential- only thing nervous system can understand o Electrochemical changes o Integrates and has impulses=> effectors (muscles, glands- the output) o Type of nervous system matches behavior of animal o Sea anemone- nothing in charge, no learning, very simple o Earthworm- more complex, eat, get away from prey. . each segmental ganglion run particular area of earthworm o Squid- more developed brain, visual ganglion- very visual animals o Humans- central and peripheral nervous systems o Brain weighs 1.5 pounds, floating in fluid o Spinal cord in fluid- caries information from brain down o 10^11 neurons make 10^14 synaptic signals o Brain develops on its own, by process of trial and error- self assembles o Retina not fully formed until 4 years old o Peripheral NS incorporates everything else except spinal cord and brain
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3-24-08 - 3/24/08 Lecture o Temperature of hypothalamus...

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