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3 mar 2010 molbio - Mol bio lecture notes 3 Mar 2010 RNA...

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Mol bio lecture notes 3 Mar 2010 RNA editing – the Penultimate Step RNA editing is a process by which the mRNA sequence is changed just prior to the exportation of the mRNA to the cytoplasm. Thus the final mRNA sequence can look different than the predicted DNA sequence Base specific deaminases are present and mediate the RNA editing process The process is highly regulated so that not all bases are deaminated and changed mRNA export from the nucleus to the cytoplasm mRNAs are exported to the cytoplasm with the help of export proteins. These proteins have a sequence of amino acids that tell these proteins to exit the nucleus with their cargo. These sequences are called Nuclear Export Sequences (NES) once these proteins export their cargo they are shuttled back into the nucleus. These proteins also contain a sequence for this called the Nuclear Localization Sequence (NLS) in eukaryotes where does transcription and splicing take place? In the nucleus Which part of a eukaryotic mRNA is removed during RNA splicing? The introns What is the size relationship between exons and introns? No relationship whatsoever. Either can be large or small What type of molecule is ethidium bromide and how does it interact with nucleic acids? A class of intercalating reagents, hexane rings that can slide between base pairs with fluorescent light (it glows) What is the relationship between the size of DNA fragments and their migration rate during electrophoresis? The smaller the fragment, the faster it migrates and goes toward the side.
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3 mar 2010 molbio - Mol bio lecture notes 3 Mar 2010 RNA...

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