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13 jan 2010 molbio - Mol bio notes 13 Jan, 2009 Read...

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Mol bio notes 13 Jan, 2009 Read chapter 22 instead of 21 for Friday Johann Gregor Mendel An Augustine monk on Brunn Austria (now part of the Czech republic He is the founder of modern genetics o Conducted experiments on the transmission of physical traits in pea plants Findings went unnoticed and forgotten for several decades Rediscovered later Why did he do this experiment? o Wanted to test the validity of the Blending Inheritance theory What is the blending inheritance theory? o Offspring are a blend or mixture of parental traits o Ie yellow + blue = green o Cannot recover parental traits in later generations How did mendel know how to mate pea plants? o Nehemiah Grew discovered that plants reproduce sexually using pollen from male sex cells o Joseph Kolreuter used microscopes to study the biology of pollen They would remove pollen from one plant with one set of plants and mate it with the opposite then come up with ratios Terms to know: Gene o A genetic factor (region of DNA) that helps determine a characteristic Allele o One of two or more alternate forms of a gene Locus o Specific place on a chromosome occupied by an allele o A physical location o Every organism has its own nomenclature aka the name of the gene varies from organism to organism Genotype o Set of alleles that an individual organism possesses Heterozygote o An individual organism possessing two different alleles at a locus Homozygote
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13 jan 2010 molbio - Mol bio notes 13 Jan, 2009 Read...

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