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3 - bacteria - Bacteria Features of Kingdoms Bacteria and...

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Bacteria Features of Kingdoms Bacteria and Arachaea o Luminescent bacteria Emit light – chemical energy is converted into light energy Enzyme (luciferase) – catalyzed chemiluminescence reaction: Luciferin + ATP Light Luciferase gene – as a reporter gene for studying gene expression in plants and animals Symbiotic association with many deep sea organisms, including the Lantern Fish, the Angler Fish, certain jellyfish, certain clams, and the Gulper Eel The fish: provide some food and oxygen to the bacteria The bacteria: produce the light used by the fish to search for food and attract live food o Old: 3.5 billion years old The oldest organisms known to have existed on earth o Unicellular: each cell is completely independent o Numerous: 2 billion bacteria per gram of garden soil o Small (microscopic): < 3 microns 500 arranged in a row = the head of a pin o About 500 species recognized Many more to be named Difficult to classify simple one-celled organisms Often classified by what they do rather than how they look o Pathogenic: cause disease in humans, animals, and plants Salmonella infection of meat is one of the major causes of food poisoning Campylobacter jejuni – major cause of diarrhea in humans o Beneficial bacteria Bifidobacteria are beneficial to the gastro-intestinal tract
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3 - bacteria - Bacteria Features of Kingdoms Bacteria and...

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