1.Mitosis and meiosis

1.Mitosis and meiosis - 1. Mitosis and meiosis Cell cycle...

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1. Mitosis and meiosis Cell cycle Mitosis is part of cell cycle “m”. “s” = DNA replicated G1, S G2 = interphase G0 = cell rests, not divinding Restriction point in G1, point of no return, comminted to undergo rest cell cycle Uncontrolled reputation of cell cycle = cell cancer Cdk = cyclin dependent kinase, it phosphorylates other proteins and is only active when compled with a cyclin. Cdk and cyclin are master regulators, when cells can leave and enter different stages. 1 chromosome has 2 sister chromatids held together by cohesion (protein complex) at centromere Sister chormatids are separated by equatorial division Humans = 46 chromosomes Chimpanzee = 48 chromosomes MPF MPF = maturation promoting factor, composed of 2 proteins i.e. cdk and cyclin MPF increases during mitosis, decreases during interphase Cyclin is degraded, allows next mitotic stage to occur Checkpoint controls in the cell Various things have to happen prescicly, various mechanisms to stop cell cycle called checkpoints many have to do with DNA damage checkpoints cell assesses damage, stops at that checkpoints and fixes the damage sometimes cell has to die i. .e. apoptosis intra s phase checkpoint- makes sure cell dna is duplicated before goes into mitosis spindle assembly checkpoint = make sure kinetochores are attached to spindle microtubules, otherwise mitosis will not proceed normally
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1.Mitosis and meiosis - 1. Mitosis and meiosis Cell cycle...

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