10.27.09 Lecture - Cell Regulation

10.27.09 Lecture - Cell Regulation - 10/27/09 Cell...

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10/27/09 Cell regulation and cell cycle Metaboilsm-Growth-Reproduction A cell is born Cell grows up Quiescent – Differentiation Mitotic – Replicate everything Explicit control of the cell cycle is what allows us to be multicellular ‘organisms.’ 1. Cell growth and proliferation are different things. 2. In development, we need enough growth and proliferation to create cell mass for a tissue or an organ. 3. We need critical stops on growth and proliferation to prevent the overpopulation of space. 4. We need to be able to un-stop growth and/or proliferation in order to replace cells damaged through wear or trauma. 5. In many cases, cells are sacrificed for the good of the organism. Most cells are born and then transit to eventual differentiation and exit the cell cycle. These cells for m tissues and organs. Cells are signaled for growth. Growth is separate from proliferation – both in signaling and practice. Growth – one cell grows+develops Proliferation – one cell grows into many cells S6 kinase actually affects the rate at certain rRNAs are mad –a direct regulation of a rate limiting step in growth. Cell number and cell size need to be coordinated to make the tissue or organ. We are not
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10.27.09 Lecture - Cell Regulation - 10/27/09 Cell...

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