24 jan 2010 molbio

24 jan 2010 molbio - Mol bio lecture notes 24 Jan 2010...

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Mol bio lecture notes 24 Jan 2010 Messenger RNA (Mrna) Jacob and Monod win the Nobel Prize for the discovery of nRNA DNA is transcribed into messenger or mRNA by an enzyme complex called RNA polymerase mRNA is a single stranded copy of RNA that will be translated into proteins During transcription only one strand of DNA will be copied or transcribed into RNA If you are a eukaryotic cell all of this is happening in the nucleus It is the product of transcription Transfer RNA (tRNA) Transfer RNA or tRNA is used as an adapter that links the mRNA template to the growing protein or polypeptide chain One end of the tRNA (anticodon) base pairs with the mRNA while the other end (acceptor site) is bound to amino acids which are the building blocks of proteins The large subunit of the ribosomes has pockets for amino acids Ribosomal RNA (rRNA) Ribosomal RNA (rRNA) is a component of the ribosome and is used to stabilize the mRNA, ribosome complex rRNAs do not code for proteins – that is the job of mRNAs they link mRNAs to the ribosome non-coding ribozymes Tom Cech wins the 1989 Nobel Prize for discovering ribozymes Ribozymes are small RNAs that have enzymatic activity o They can cleave RNA at specific locations o First demonstration that nucleic acids do more than just convey hereditary information Research is being done to use them to target disease mRNAs and proteins One role of ribozymes is to catalyze the splicing of introns o Most splicing occurs through proteins but there are some mRNAs which sub cleave Functioned as the first enzymes on the planet Micro RNAs (miRNA) The discovery that double stranded RNA can lead to the degradation of the mRNA transcript and/or a block in translation then led to the discovery of an entire pathway that regulates mRNA levels, translation efficiency and the immune response
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24 jan 2010 molbio - Mol bio lecture notes 24 Jan 2010...

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