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Nonverbal Communication -- January 19, 2010 What is nonverbal communication? - Kinesics: Body movements and position - Body orientation, posture - Gaze - Show availability or nonavailability to the situation, confidence. .. - Gesture - Conventional - can mean different things in different contexts/cultures - Nonconventional - context-dependent - Used to emphasize a point - Facial expressions - Show emotions - People are not very good at reading facial expressions - Touch ( Haptics ) - Show relationship - Vocalics/Paralanguage : Vocal behaviors - Laughter, crying - Prosody (intonation, pitch, loudness, rate. ..) - Show emotions, urgency, social actions - Communication Environment
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Unformatted text preview: -Physical environment-Show formality, informality of the interaction-Physical appearance-Proxemics: The use of space-How close you are to someone-Show relationship, closeness to a person-Territoriality-Primary - something that belongs to you-Secondary - something that doesn’t belong to you but is associated with you-Public - belongs to everyone-Personal space-Crowding What are some features of NV communication?-Uses many different parts of the body-Few conventional signs-Propositional meanings (ideas, facts) are not easily conveyed-Typically used in combination with verbal communication...
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