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1/20/09 Managing functions Relationships are key, life skills Two-way symmetrical communication Publics : group that can organize or impact an organization Internal publics, ex: employees, board of directors PR = many audiences As an advocate, one foot in the organization and one foot outside, meaning you speak on behalf of the company and it is your job to represent them in the best light but it is also important to understand its competitors, the industry, etc. *** Competitors can be a public The key to change is organization - Ex: smaller organizations coming together to beat a larger organization - The ability to organize can make a minority opinion break through, ex: going green The dominant coalition : the group within the organization who sets the vision and the
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Unformatted text preview: policy, the group of leaders- Ex: at COM, the dominant coalition would be the dean; for Obama, the dominant coalition would be the cabinet * PR ideally should be apart of the dominant coalition because they want to a voice in where the organization is headed- can serve as the conscience of the organization Duty to organization vs. duty to society The two are not mutually exclusive; however, ultimately you are an advocate for the organization. In terms of the dominant coalition, the PR aspect can often become the ethical voice How can our message be geared to benefit the audience? Trend: PR is going from reactive to proactive...
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